Brittany W


GiRl | PaSsIoNs PiX | BoReD | FaNfiCtIoN
To Sarah by Brittany

 A life so young so lost without hope.

Oh, Lord in Heaven how will I cope?

Sadness fills my heart and soul.

As I sit here and wonder where did she go?

I cry my eyes out thinking of you.

Wondering why you didn't pull through.

Your heart was weak and I'll admit,

knowing your gone makes me sick.

I think of your parents who lost you as well,

while wondering where your spirit will dwell.

Will God take you up in his grace?

Or will he refuse to see your face?

You're in his hands now,

this much I know is true.

But now you may never know how much,

I love you.

In Loving Memory of Sarah Leigh DeCoteau. August 26,1986-February 19,2002. Rest In Peace, my cousin Sarah.