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Diane Downs-Predator

The infamous Diane Downs who is as manipulative as she is intelligent. Believe it or not but they actually said this pyscho has brains in that unpretty little head of hers. Oh, yes and they actually said she was pretty. I just don't see it...do you? Well, I'll give you the 411 on Diane and how she came ot be such a psychotic, overly obsessed bitch...PERIOD!



Real Name: Elizabeth Diane Downs
Birthdate: August 7,1958
She was married at a young age to Steven Daniel Downs who was in the Navy at the time. The couple started out rough by Steve cheating on Diane the same night they were married and not thinking anything of it. Diane got herself pregnant and realized how amazing it was too be pregnant. She was so cheerful and relaxed with her baby who she later named Christie Ann on October 10,1975.  Then came Cheryl Lynn and then Steven "Danny" Downs on December 27,1980. As a child Diane was neglected by her very old fashioned parents. She claim that her father allegedly molested her sexually when she was a pre-teen and teenager. She tried to get justice for it but failed(after she was thrown in prison for murder). Diane actually wants to be a psychiatrist now. In her younger days she wished to become a doctor(odd?). She wants to work with teenagers and try and help them through this scary world...news flash lady! Your the kind of people that makes this world scary.
 Danny Downs, her youngest son does not share the same father as Christie and Cheryl.
 Diane attended Moon Valley High but was kicked out for being too promiscuous with the boys.
 Diane was once a serrogate mother and gave away her baby whom she called "Jenny".
 She got an abortion with her third child(before Danny after Cheryl) and then felt guilty about it later. She named the unborn baby "Carrie".