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 Talkin' Sh*t 

Okay, why are people so mean? I can be mean but not that mean. I would never condemn anyone for being different. I'm different. This morning Camie told Rachael she didn't like her music...how cruel. You know Camie has a big mouth. She gets pissy when someone shows attitude when she has the biggest attitude in the suite. She shows no respect and acts like a five year old. Can't stand her. Never could.
May 30, 2003-Once again the bitch from hell named Danielle has to just piss me off as always. This morning she asked if I did my j and I told her to mind her business she's not the room captain...fuck that little btich just has to keep pissing me off. She never learns. She likes to make me mad when I'm in a bad mood. Anyways.
Can't find my fuckin color card AGAIN...FUCK...I can't fuckin stop swearing! FUCK!
May 29,2003-"Yes Danielle I did do my fuckin' J last night!"-How many times do I have to tell that dizzy bitch this line? We had to re-do dusting becuz the vents were getting clogged..so I did and Danielle was in the room...what an idiot...she asked me if I did it or not...I felt like telling her to mind her own fuckin business!
...So much shit to talk so little time...

TRUE COLORS(Suite Name...F-1)
First Residential Advisor: Ms. Judy
Second(favorite): Ms. Rachelle
Current: Ms. Kinney
Check this out:
The following are my profiles of each person in my suite:
Amber: Annoying voice but generous with her food and candy...gotta love her. When I first came to Job Core she was our Employability and her voice used to drive me up the wall...I'd throw slippers at her and make fun of her.
Amy: Oompa Loompa is her nickname...cool but can be mean at times. I still think she's awesome though. So funny. President of the suite.
Camie: Loud and bitchy. I don't really like her. She's obsessed with her boyfriend which makes me feel sorry for her. She made fun of my pants once because I called her ugly..yeah.
Melody: Employability leader. She's a sweetie.
Rebecca: Can't say anything about her...don't know her.
Jessica: Coordinator of suite. She can be cool but it kind of dorky but then again so am I. She's aiight.
Melinda: Where's too much make up and looks crusty but has a sweet smile...she should smile more often!
Mary M: She's okay but talks too much about herself...she should listen to what others have to say once in awhile but she's still cool.
Mary G: She's a doorknob,ding bat and an idiot! If she hadn't done so many drugs she'd be smarter!
Heather: I came in with her...she's still funny. Suite Unity Coordinator.
Korinne: Hate this bitch with a passion! She's nothing but a fuckin lying stupid bitch. I have my reasons. Hate her.
Tyra: Don't know her...just came in.
Amanda: Used to be our Sargeant of Arms...I never really liked her at first...seemed two faced but she's more nice and easier tog et along with.
Shorty: Such a sweetie! Coolest little person I know!
Terri: Funny.
Christal: Hasn't played the "special kid" in awhile...she's fun to laugh at. Outside Captain.
Rachael: Introverted and a loner...she's emotional and blunt. I like her.
Chrisitne: Know it all and major complainer...can't stand her most of the time.
Debbi: Seems nice enough.
Lan: Sweetie in a half...fudgin hilarious!
Melissa: COol beans this one is!
Kylee: Nothing bad to say...my best buddy at Job Core
Danielle: Fucking complainer and bitch. Looks at her self in mirror all of the time. She's really narcisstic! We get on eachothers nerves. She hates me. I can't live withher. I wish she would leave, get a room change. Whatever.
Sara: Pretty cool but is very dishonest.
Robin: Kinda scary.
JoElla: Really beautiful...she's really nice.
Kasey: Funny, smart, witty, and cool...fun tobe around and to have conversations with...she's never boring. Suite Ambassador.
LarriAnn: Has two different personalties..she acts two different ways...major bitch at times yet nice sometimes(rarely). Sargeant Of Arms.


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