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Charity/Molly Bio's


Charity Standish-She is the daughter of the deaceased Faith Standish who is also Grace Bennett's identical twin sister. Charity is innately good, that may seem to be a good quality but it has it's faults. Because Charity refuses to see any Evil in anybody she tends to be a bit naive and gullible because of her ability to see only what's good. Charity, also was told by her mother a few years ago that she was a channel for goodness and that one day she would be able to do unimaginable things with these powers. It was also fortold to Faith and her twin sister Grace by their own mother Mercy Standish of Charity's birth. Mercy had said that one day one of her daughters would give birth a child, a baby girl, who would have the power to channel Heaven's very light and essence and that she would have exatraordinary psychic powers that hadn't been seen since the Saints old days. Charity is that child that was spoken of all those years ago. Today, Charity has moved in with her long lost Aunt Grace, Uncle Sam, as well as two cousins Kay and Jessica. She is also madly in love with the Latin hottie Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, a boy who has been best friends with her cousin Kay who will stop at nothing to get Miguel from Charity...so far she has failed in that arena...so far. Unfortunately, Charity's current status is frozen in a block of ice and is replaced by a vile look-a-like known as Zombie Charity.

Molly Stanton- Molly "K" Stanton was born in Los Angelos to Jan and Steven Stanton. She was their second daughter(Amy's the oldest daughter). At an early age Stanton had found a genuine love for music. She played the drums feverishly at age 10 and later in Junior high she began her acting, which became a passion literally! By Highschool Stanton had become semi-serious about her acting career, she later went on to The Brentwood Theatre company. She wrote and directed the play known as "The Accident". It was about 9 teens who were on a camping trip and who got into a car accident. Some of the teens had died and Molly played the role of a grieving mother. The play was so successful that is was taken to the Film Festival in Edinburg. Stanton took a break however from acting and went on to Berkley college and hoped to work in the music soundtrack buisiness which brings her back to her love for music. Molly's mother Jan took her daughter to a psychic and the psychic told Molly she was going to be a star one day, Molly's mother Jan who was a total believer in psychics encouraged her daughter to get an agent. She was later cast in her first television role as Charity Standish even though she was trying out for Kay Bennett,Charity's nemesis, Stanton had one a role on Passions afterall.
                                               -Her birthday is March 13,1980