Brittany W


GiRl | PaSsIoNs PiX | BoReD | FaNfiCtIoN

JuSt ThE FaCtS
Name:: Brittany Wilkie
DOB:: April 8,1986
So that makes me:: SiXtEeN
And I was born in:: Rolla, ND
To parents:: Tammy and Leonard
And siblings:: Heather Marie,Aaron James,Tyler Anthony,Alyssa Troi,Ashley Taylor.
Rank in family:: I'm the second oldest.
School:: Red River Area Learning Center a.k.a MCAP
Best Friend:: Selena Golden

In CaSe YoU WeRe WoNdErInG...
I LoVe:: Passions,MuSiC,Television,Rollerblading,Reading,Writing,Talking,Sleeping,Laughing,Crying.
I HaTe:: People who disagree,nosy people,hot and humid weather, chirping birds in the morning,ignorance, smart-asses,Shuis,spiders.
I WaTcH:: Passions,Dark Angel,Believe It Or Not(Fact or Fiction),Next Friday,Scrubs,Will & Grace,Jay Leno,Seinfeld,The Simpsons,I Love Lucy,Reba,Friends.
I ReAd:: V.C. Andrews novels(Heaven,Dark Angel,Web Of Dreams,Flowers In The Attic,Petals On The Wind),Sleepers,Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire,Riding In Cars With Boys,Deep End Of The Ocean,Hidden Passions.
I EaT:: Grilled Cheese,Hot dogs with ketchup,mustard and relish,ice cream,bananas,lemons,peaches,hamburgers,Indian Tacos,Enchalatas,Chicken Fajitas.
MoViEs: Poltergeist Trilogy,The Exorcist,Pretty In Pink,16 Candles,Next Friday,Never Been Kissed.
SoNg:: Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7.
MuSiC: Pop,Hip Hop,Rap,Punk Rock,Heavy Metal,Rock & Roll,R&B.
AcToRs: Tom Hanks,Hayden Christenson,Josh Ryan Evans,Josh Hartnett,Ice Cube,Chris Tucker,Colin Farrell.
AcTrEsSeS: Reese Witherspoon,Lindsay Korman,Drew Barrymoore,Molly Stanton,Jessica Alba,Rosie O'Donnell.
DrInK: Mike's Hard Lemonade,Fuzzy Naval,Dr. Pepper,Nestea,Cherry Coke,Rootbeer,Milk.
QuOtE: "If we could all get along in this place right here, the world would be a better place"