Brittany W


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  Last night I had a pretty scary dream. Not scary in the sense that is was a nightmare but scary because I was crying in my dream again. I found out yesterday that my stepdad had hit my mom which caused her to get 7 stitches in her forehead. I was pissed about that. I do not live with my mom. She lives in another state. I am living with my cousin and now I regret being away from my mom. My dream was of me going to visit my mom. There was alot of confrontation. I cried and told her, promised her, I would take care of her and she would never have to worry again. My lifelong goal in reality is to grow up, be successful and take care of my mother and my younger siblings who are still children. I guess that was basically why I was dreaming about all of that. I love my mom more than words can describe. She lives such a sad and depressing life you people wouldn't imagine. One day I wanna take all of that pain away for her. Hopefully, my promise in my dreams will come true. I also dreamt about my friends mother dying. I won't say which friend, it would be too hard for me. I went to the funeral and was completely shocked by her death. She had always had a nack for teasing me in a good way. Let me tell you this people don't take anyone for granite because they might slip away from you when you least expect it. Believe me. Well Peace out peoples! Have a great weekend!