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"So Alone"
Pretty boy was not the one for me,
nor was the other one cuz he,
stole everything that I had,
I hate to admit,
but I feel so much like this,
deep hole has made a home in my soul,
my heart wasn't affected,
It's used to being rejected,
I'm hungry for more time with you,
I just want time to turn,
spin around one last time,
If only I could go back,
but none of that's real,
I stopped to feel,
I shudder from the cold,
I'm all alone
  "Playing Pretend"
Mend these callouses that have come undone,
please save me from myself,
I won't reason,
I try so damn hard to please and be,
someone who's so different of who I am,
Even I don't understand,
what lies beneath these eyes of mine,
a soul that hates to be told,
So I just ignore,
I close the doors,
I never listen,
My smooth skin glistens,
As I shout out loud,
How much I hate,
I try to escape,
But to no avail,
The tide sets sail,
It happened again,
When I tried to pretend
   "Never let Go"
Take the blood from my body,
fill it with your fist,
dripping down,
take it away like this,
squeeze my heart,
make it hurt,
Never let go,
Never desert,
Suffocate my soul,
never let go,
trap it with your agression,
just one more time,
one last session,
Break my bones,
crush my spine,
take it away,
It was never mine,
Never let it go,
Keep it from me,
Maybe then I'll value,
what you see
"Who Knows"
The rich man,
is the man who spits on the poor man,
every chance he gets,
he throws fits,
when those below get in his way,
his eyes flare,
his mind gone gray,
The poor man is just as humble,
as a woman who works,
to support her husband,
even though she doesn't love him,
Life is like that,
when you stay,
you put up with people,
and their ways,
Tranquility is something everyone wants,
risk it all so they don't get caught,
serving a man,
who'll only hurt them,
thinking one day God will forgive,
that you never wanted the rich man to live,
Perhaps he will,
You may never know,
who knows anyways if God exists,
Who knows anyways if theirs truth to this